PepsiCo Recycling Roadster

Rolling into communities across the country, the Recycling Roadster is a hybrid vehicle that travels around the country to inform people about the importance of recycling and PepsiCo's Performance with Purpose mission.

The goal:
PepsiCo Recycling believes that bigger change starts with one bottle, with one person, with one action. The U.S. is recycling less than half of its bottles and cans. The Recycling Roadster was created to engage and inform people across the country about recycling. We can’t do it alone, but together we can make an impact.

What does the
roadster do
where is it going?

The Recycling Roadster travels from location to location with 24% greater fuel efficiency. The solar panels on the roof, hybrid/electric capabilities, recycling on premise and environmental brand ambassadors offer people the opportunity to learn about the importance of recycling in their own communities.

The Recycling Roadster inspires consumers to recycle by offering fun games, self-guided activities, as well as a digital experience utilizing videos to put their recycling know-how to the test.

Fun and educational for all ages, the Recycling Roadster gives event-goers a chance to win prizes such as sustainable PepsiCo Recycling swag.

Follow along with the Roadster's journey by checking out #RecyclingRoadster on social media.

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