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Whether you’ve been recycling for years or just recently initiated the capability to recycle, Recycle Rally will help boost the excitement and provide an array of tools to make recycling a big deal in your school.

Reasons to Rally

Enhance recycling at your school:

Not yet able to recycle at your school?

Need bins in order to get started?

Need a Place to Take Your Recyclables?

Utilize your existing recycling service provider if your school already has a hauler or relationship with a local recycling center.

Recycle Rally typically does not directly collect materials from schools, as its primary functions are to provide inspiration, incentives, and tools to help schools get the most out of their own means of recycling.

If your school does not have a solution to transport your recyclables to a recycling facility, check out our Recycling Service Toolkit for options and suggestions to help get a program started.

If that doesn't help, join our "Need Service List" by sharing your contact information so we can determine if there is an opportunity to combine your efforts with other interested schools in your area.

Build a team to help make your recycling program easier and more enjoyable!

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