State level partners and programs help increase the visibility of PepsiCo Recycling in communities across the country. We are proud to work with these dedicated programs that believe in recycling and cleaning up our cities and communities.

Keep Oklahoma Beautiful is a year long internship partnership, designed to promote all PepsiCo Recycling programs across the State of Oklahoma and develop a state-wide initiative that can be reapplied to other State Recycling agencies. Keep Oklahoma Beautiful maintains a Lend-A-Bin program that lends recycling bins across the state, and reports the collection totals back to PepsiCo Recycling.

Indiana Recycling Coalition utilizes PepsiCo Recycling programs to encourge communities and schools to recycle State-wide. Currently, they offer a Lend-a-Bin program to event hosts in need of recycling, scholarship programs for Student Recycling Leadership Corps participating in Recycle Rally, and have consultants who work with high-volume PepsiCo customers in the area - ranging from casinos to concert venues - to expand recycling opportunities for guests and consumers.

The Metropolitan Environmental Trust Authority is a local government trust serving Tulsa and surrounding communities. The M.e.t. operates 11 recycling centers and hires adults with developmental disabilities to collect and sort recycled materials. PepsiCo Recycling partners with The M.e.t. in an active Lend-A-Bin program in this area, and we are also conducting two different multi-family housing pilots together. The first pilot is a trailer-based program and the second is a toter-based program focusing on downtown higher-density housing complexes.

Arkansas Recycling Coalition is a State Recycling organization. PepsiCo Recycling information is included in their newsletters to promote recycling awareness. Partnering through information sharing allows us to educate and reach more households and communities. In addition to information sharing with ARC, we also share with the Oklahoma Recycling Association (OKRA), Missouri Recycling Association (MORA), and plan to expand to others to broaden our recycling reach.